Sustainable Business Practice

Sustainability as source of competitive advantage and business enabler

Saipem is a world leader in managing operations in a sustainable and responsible way, anticipating Customers’ needs and market trends. Sustainability is a manner of conducting our business, considering our responsibility towards all our stakeholders. being aware that a correct, open and cooperative relationship with all the stakeholders is vital for the success of each complex project Saipem carries out, frequently in remote and challenging areas.

Saipem business strategy is based on the creation of long-term value in the areas where it operates, by contributing to their development, as stated also in the Company Mission.

Saipem has a long tradition in effective local engagement thanks to a consolidated local presence and a decentralized and multicultural organization.

The maximization of Local Content – in terms of employment and suppliers/subcontractors – is one of the main features of Saipem business philosophy. The local content strategy provides considerable social benefits to the host country in terms of investments, employment, and development of subcontractors; while, according to Saipem perspectives, maximizing local content means developing continuous relationships with the host country, local clients and suppliers/subcontractors.

Sustainable Business Practice

The attention to our employees focuses also on the creation of a safe and healthy working environment, as fundamental element for a stable business growth.

The compliance with Clients’ requirements is a priority on all our projects, and their satisfaction toward Saipem performance is continuously monitored by a specific program of Customer Satisfaction.

Saipem plays emphasis on research and development for technological innovation aimed at satisfying Customers’ needs and, at the same time, protecting the environment reducing its operational impacts. Moreover, Saipem is constantly focused on maintaining and improving the quality and efficiency of its assets.

Saipem is committed to tackle corruption and makes use of tools like anti-corruption guidelines. Within its legal department, a dedicated unit has been set up in order to address possible breaches within Saipem and its controlled companies, and the relationships with clients and contractors. Training and formation opportunities are organized to keep a high degree of awareness on this issue by all personnel. The Code of Ethics has been translated in 15 languages and dedicated channels like emails, fax or phone lines are available for reporting of breaches to relevant laws and to our guidelines.