Civil Engineering and Sustainable Business Practices

Civil Engineering and Sustainable Business Practices

Binnie is committed to sustainable business practices with a social and ecological focus for our civil engineering work. We use sustainable design and engineering to minimize environmental impact and we understand the necessity to engineer infrastructure that lasts.

As increasing population density creates the need to build more, develop more, and transport more, our environment is under continued stress and impact. Binnie is dedicated to developing and implementing sustainable practices and technologies that minimize the impact on our environment.

Understanding the need to develop sustainable or green engineering (focused on ecological and environmental impacts) practices and processes is a primary initiative for our training and development programs. We recognize that growth cannot come at the risk to resources and ecology. We are dedicated to the principles of waste minimization, corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship and impact, and leadership in energy and environment design (LEED).

Binnie and Sustainability

Within our organization, we have developed processes and technology to increase efficiency and minimize impact in all of our locations. Our CAD workstations, computers and monitors, printers, copiers, electronic tools and field equipment are selected for their energy efficiency, reusability, and recyclability.

We have developed project-specific sustainability practices; such as the design and engineering of sustainable urban drainage and water management and such as, where possible, the local sourcing of supplies and materials for engineering projects.

Civil Engineering and Sustainable Business Practices

We are highly sensitive to, and aware of, the need to minimize the environmental impact of infrastructure support and development. We work closely with our project owners, and with all stakeholders, to ensure that sustainable business practices are employed.

We live where we work we care about our impact.

Binnie is well known and respected for the energy and expertise of our dedicated staff and for our attention to detail. We hold the strictest regard for environmental protection, a healthy work environment, and safe work practices and procedures at all times. Binnie actively supports the communities where we work.

We provide effective civil engineering technology infrastructure solutions that utilize our multi-discipline engineering competencies. We focus on listening to, and understanding, what our clients need and want.

Delivering on the promises that we make the quality of our solution (including the sustainability and efficiency of the solution), our time or schedule, and the budget is our most important responsibility.