Common Business Practices

Common Business Practices

Below are five common business problems and strategies. The one we will research is Issue I Training. Then, please research the three enterprise systems available to solve these problems. Use the framework for translation (of strategy to architecture ) to document each vendor/product line. Summarize your findings, while comparing and contrasting these solutions and their ability to meet the business problem and strategy selected.

———Issues and Strategies To Address—————

1. Issue 1: Training

o Business Strategy: This is connecting learning to real work, so that employees do not have to leave their work stations to participate in training and so that the transfer of learning from training to work is transparent.

2. Issue 2: Content Development

o Business Strategy: Subject experts must be able to capture and validate textual, graphic and even video-based content quickly, publish it for use by others inside the organization and clientele outside the organization, and receive feedback on their content so that they can easily maintain it at a level that satisfies users.

3. Issue 3: Customer Relationship Management

o Business Strategy: Sales and marketing need to track customer demographics, products purchased, product satisfaction, requests for information and changes in customers’ buying strategies and technologies. Product development needs to be able to harvest information about customer’s technologies and needs in order to develop new products to meet emerging needs.

Common Business Practices

4. Issue 4: Employee Relationship Management

o Business Strategy: Human resources needs to be able to track employees from recruitment to retirement, including roles, salary, compensation. benefits selected, annual reviews, competencies, skills and training taken.

5. Issue 5: Skills Inventory

o Business Strategy: Associates, their managers, human resources, and training needs to connect individuals’ current skills and competencies to roles and emerging work and projects; as individuals complete training or special projects, new skills need to be noted. Managers need to be able to search for individuals with unique skills combinations.

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Common Business Practices