Welcome IKEA


Welcome to the company that has collected everything necessary for the arrangement of premises under one roof! Whatever product you are looking for.

Whatever services-design, delivery, Assembly or installation — you may need. For owners of mobile cafes or hotel chains. For beginners in business and experienced companies.

We are ready to offer you real solutions. Business owners can feel at home!
Whether you are looking for office, retail or restaurant/hotel furniture, we have everything you need to create the perfect work space.

Goods purchased at IKEA in the Russian Federation, can be returned or exchanged within 365 days of purchase — with a check and an identity document. We will refund the money for the goods, even if you collected it and threw the package. However, this rule does not apply to used goods,

Pillows and blankets

Within 14 days you can check how well you sleep on a new pillow or under a new blanket. If you are not satisfied with something, we will exchange a pillow or blanket for another model.

Offer is not valid for pillows and blankets series SLEN, MUSKGRASS and FLAX. Exchange is possible no more than 1 time and only in the presence of a check. In the case of an exchange of the goods of another model (with a different item number) recalculation of the price of the goods. For more information about the conditions of return and exchange of goods, please contact our staff.