Unlocking The Dynamic Aspects of a Small Business Brand

Every small business is unique, but not every business knows how to promote that uniqueness. Dynamism refers to the exciting and engaging qualities that allow your customers to remember your brand, as well as the qualities that kindle the spark of interest in prospective customers. Within every business, there are qualities that deserve to be cultivated and promoted that form your unique selling point.


It’s important to remember that what sets your business apart will not be the same as your competitors, by default. Unique qualities may be obvious, for example it could be that your business’s services are much faster than those of your competitors, in which case that would be one of the qualities that sets you apart. But what if you and your competitor offer similar services that are available with the same speed for roughly the same price? That’s where things become more complicated. In these cases, a more abstract value can be stressed as your X factor, for example, a feature of your brand like cheerfulness and family values. In order to verify that the branding ideas you have for your business will fly with your target demographic, you may want to do some market research as well to get a view of what the initial response may be.

Once you have identified qualities that your business values, you must think how you can express them in your branding efforts. Say your business sells pillows as a retailer, and the values that you have identified as your unique selling points are quality materials that allow your customers to be more comfortable than they would be otherwise. Some things that you might want to have associated with your brand are images of safety, comfort and restful sleep. Now, these images are common to all pillow advertising, so you may also want to include descriptions of your unique processes, the quality fabrics and luxuriant stuffing that makes your pillows uniquely comfortable. Instead of focusing on the common ground that all of your competition will also be stressing, you should center your energies on touting the qualities that make your brand different, not similar.

Video is a very strong branding tool. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can extrapolate the value of an engaging video in terms of communicating valuable information. Done well, the addition of video to your small business’s arsenal of marketing tools will give you a powerful ace in the hole in terms of drawing and retaining the engagement of your clients. On top of that, when creating emotional ties to a brand, video can be an incredibly strong tool for creating associations. Use video to explain your processes, tell people about your products, demonstrate interesting ways they can be used and so on, but constantly be thinking of what will engage your clients. Ideally, a good video will engage them on two levels, the surface level where they are interested in your product, and on a deeper level, where they are entertained by what they are watching.


Branding involves your entire staff. From the newest members of your team to the highest level management, really committing to a branding strategy means that everyone should be aware of what they need to do in order to embody the qualities your business embraces. Another thing to consider is the value of the feedback your employees can give you, helping you steer your business in the right direction towards more effective and better thought out marketing initiatives.