Small Business Hiring Tips for Finding the Best Employees

With 60% of small business owners saying that hiring quality employees is one of their greatest challenges, small business owners need to be able to successfully compete with larger corporations in the hiring arena in order to retain a competitive edge. Small business hiring as of late has picked up slightly but remains sluggish, meaning that more and more job applicants are going to larger corporations. Prospective employees are attracted to the high visibility and job security associated with larger operations which means that in order for small businesses to compete, they have to show off what makes them attractive more effectively in order to attract the most coveted talent in their industry.


Use your brand image to your advantage. When you think of great places to work, you might think of Google. The Google offices in NY . for example, are some of the first things people think about when they think on the company. This is a huge plus for Google when it comes time to look for newer talent. Since they are known as one of the companies with the greatest emphasis on employee satisfaction and benefits, they have no trouble recruiting some of the greatest minds in their field. Your company does not have to open a swanky office to stand a chance, all you need to do is gain a handle on the image you want to project and the type of people who you are looking to recruit. Chances are, if you put a little bit of your company culture out there, you will have a much better time attracting the right kind of people for your enterprise.

Tout the benefits of being small. While larger corporations are attractive for their own reasons, small businesses have their own ace in the hole, namely their small size. This not only makes them more nimble and prone to reinvention than larger firms, but also makes every employee stand out more. Talented prospects might like this aspect of working for you, as there are less barriers in the way of their potential advancement and they can stand out much more than they would otherwise be able to in another company.

Let them know you are hiring. Don’t be shy when it is time to start your search for new talent. Use your company’s social media to your advantage, and put out content letting prospective employees know that there is room for them and their talent in your enterprise. Small businesses have a few distinct advantages when it comes to hiring, and while it can feel like larger corporations have first crack at the pool of new hires, this is simply not the case. Plenty of the most skilled job seekers will be automatically attracted to a business where they can experience and play a large role in fast growth. Getting the word out about your business’s needs is the first place to start.