3 Powerful Small Business Tips for Cyber Security

When many people hear of cyber attacks in the media, the targets they typically think of are corporations and well known entities like banks. However, a recentstudy by Verizon reveals that it’s not just the big guy who is the target of cyber attacks. In the report, almost one-third of the attacks occurring in 2012 were targeted at businesses with less than 250 people, leaving small business owners with bad credit, unable to get loans and reeling from fraudulent charges.

Small businesses have plenty to be worried about since many of them use cost-effective technologies like cloud-based storage and have fewer funds dedicated to securing all facets of their business’s web data. And since nearly 60% of small businesses end up closing within six months of experiencing a cyber attack, it is of utmost importance for any business owner to be able to protect their business from a cyber attack. Here are some ways small business owners can help protect themselves from a possible cyberattack:


Know the risks. It is not enough that you know the risks, your employees must know them too. According toCyberFactors . roughly 40% of data breaches are committed by employees. Many of them are often unaware of this fact, as this includes phishing scams, false emails and bogus telephone calls. As a business owner, you shouldn’t assume or rely on your employees’ knowledge of cyber security, it is your job to inform them. Employees should be clearly trained on what constitutes untrustworthy sources, spotting a phishing scam and who to contact in the event of any suspicious activity.


Change your passwords. One of the best ways to guard your business from an attack is to consistently change your security passwords. Hackers sometimes rely on cracking passwords by trying multiple alpha and numeric combinations. By changing your passwords on monthly basis, you are essentially making it more difficult for hackers to gain access. It is also important to highlight the importance of backing up all of your data. This is prudent in the event you do become a target of a cyber attack and have to take everything offline.


Put someone in charge of security. While it is true that big companies have a host of security experts on hand, it doesn’t mean that small businesses should be without any defense. It may seem frivolous for a small business owner to hire someone solely for evaluating andmaintainingtheir business’s web security, but if a business has many clients and a large web-presence it is of high importance to have a high level of security. Horizon Funding provides funding to small businesses who many need an alternative to bad credit business loans to help them secure their business against cyber attacks.

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